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workshop all-Is it Profitable 18IS IT PROFITABLE?
Build your Business for Guaranteed Profits

Geared towards business owners or would be business owners, this class gives you the tools needed to own and run a profitable business. You will leave this workshop with a personal business profitability plan and a new understanding of business, it's income goals, and your ability to reach them.




workshop all-Budget it Right 18BUDGET IT RIGHT
Managing and Balancing with a Variable Income

As freelancers and business owners our salaries can change from month to month. Learn the tricks and tools to stabilize your income and balance your budget when dealing with the unexpected.




workshop all-Buy or Sell 18BUY OR SELL
All You Need to Know About Buying and Selling a Business

Knowing the right time to buy, or sell, a business is crucial to it's success. Learn how to determine a businesses salability, assess it's value and best timing to enact the transaction in a way that's worthwhile to both parties.



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