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Workshops are available in various areas of business skills and development. From classes to seminars, webinars to courses, we have options for every preference. Topics cover the range of business building from starting up, business expansion to balancing work and life.


workshop general

general workshops

Start it Up!
From Idea to Business in 5 Simple Steps
Develop your idea so it's salable, find your customers & clients and make sure you're making money, all in an orderly and systematic way!

workshop finantials

financial workshops

  • Is it Profitable? Build your Business for Guaranteed Profits
  • Budget it Right Managing and Balancing with a Variable Income
  • Buy or Sell All You Need to Know About Buying and Selling a Business

workshop marketing

marketing workshops

  • Beyond the Ad Innovative Methods to Advertise your Business
  • Target your Market Get your Most Profitable Customers and Clients
  • Mix it Up Market Yourself Right

workshop System

systems workshops

  • Keep your Clients Client Management Systems That Suit Your Ability, Personality & Budget
  • Working with Workers How to Hire and Delegate Effectively
  • Free Business Administration Professional Standard at No Cost