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Our services are tailored to your needs as the client. We work with you one-on-one in the areas you need, to create a profitable business that brings out your best in a professional way. In the initial consultation we assess your business' status in the areas of marketing, systems, financials and strategy. We then discuss what area(s) you would like to focus on in our work together. Meetings are set according to your schedule and the needs of your business, with a range from one-time consultations to get you on your feet, to ongoing as your profits and needs increase.

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In addition to regular consultations, we also offer package services various areas. These are ideal for any business, and especially helpful for newly started businesses with limited budgets.

Ideal for newly started or re-started businesses, this package walks you through all aspects of creating a business plan and makes sure your total business picture is realistic, marketable and profitable. By setting goals, assessing product / market fit, setting up procedures (the how-to's of the business) and creating budgets, we make sure you begin with the best chance of success.
A professional business plan is also a necessary tool for obtaining funding for your venture, if necessary.
Our expertise in core marketing strategy allows us to quickly help you identify your business core concept. From there, we work together to develop a (business) pitch, mission statement and a coordinating marketing mix. For each business this is individual and is the basis from which all professional marketing decisions are made.
We build you customized processes and systems, taking into account your current abilities, needs and resources. Our systems incorporate both technological and human elements and enable your business to run at professional standard , customized, at a lower cost than most off-the-shelf systems.
Services include: Systems Assessment; Low Cost Systems Development; Procedures & Controls; Information Flow; Informational Architecture; Database Design; Database Building
Our profit assessment package includes a full financial assessment to ascertain whether your business is really making money. We also assess if you are earning at an industry standard profit margin or just cycling cash (or somewhere in between). This is particularly useful when buying or selling a business, both for the seller and buyer, to valuate the true market value of the business.
We will walk you through the initial value assessment, help you formulate the contracts and are by your side as you complete the transfer.

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Our other services are designed to assist individuals in various methods of income generation through training, growth and presentation. These include computer training, success attitude alignment, business communication skills and resume building.


Our Clients are small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs with home-based businesses as well as storefronts, wholesale and retail, service professionals and non-profit managers.

We have experience helping businesses in many fields, such as: clothing (retail & wholesale); accessory design (wholesale & retail); internet sales (wholesale & retail); graphics, photography, artistry, craft-work; health & fitness; travel and tourism; therapies and clinics; non-profit management; food services and food retail; real estate, general brokerage and more. Due to client privacy, no businesses are featured with identifying information. We are happy to give individual references in the field of your interest.

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