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 zoho-iconzoho - Flexible and free online database
Zoho is the best free online database software out there. At the basic free level you can run most small start up busienssess, with minimal pay upgrades to customize as your business grows.



Trello-iconTrello - Minimalist task and project management app
Trello is available both on computers and mobile devices, and is a deceptively simple organizational and project management application. Great for use alone and even better when coordinating tasks with another person remotely, trello can keep you organized and in good communication with your team of 1 or more.


googleGoogle People - Most integrative contact management software
If you are an android user (ie, you have a smart phone that is not an iPhone) then the best way to manage your contacts is with the built-in Google People. It integrates into your phone, syncs with your email, as well as being automatically backed up online so you never lose anyone's contact information again! Concentric groups and notes allow you to take it's functionality to the next level.


 google keep-icon

Google Keep - Simplest and easiest list maker and note taker
While there are many programs and apps on the market, goggle Keep is free and is by far the simplest and easiest tool to replace your old sticky notes and paper lists. With options for free text, checklist, voice note and image you can quickly input and access everything you need to remember.




Toggl - Time tracking app
Toggl is a super simple time tracking program that I have been using for a while. For any service provider who bills hourly, this is the simplest, most straight forward app out there and as an added bonus it syncs in real time on both PC/mac and mobile. And of course, its free.


Join.Me - Free Screen Sharing, Online Meetings & Web Conferencing is a free screen sharing app. It is the most amazing way to work with someone remotely and feel as if you are sitting next to each other, working on the same computer.

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