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vista print iconvistaprint - Free professional business cards and more!
VistaPrint is the best place to get free professional business cards anywhere in the world! They also have many accompanying products so once you pick a design, you can actually have VistaPrint be your initial business branding until you are ready for the next stage.



canva - Be your own graphic designer
Canva is an amazingly simple online program where you can create high level promotional content such as flyers, web banners, cards and more.




Webs - Easiest free website tool available
Webs is a free and exceptionally easy way to build a professional website. Of the many tools availabe, webs is the easiest way to build a proffesional website in a short amount of time with no background.



webydo - Another great website building tool for the uninitiated, Webydo (like webs) allows you to build websites with no knowledge of internet programming, using only point and click. I find Webydo to be better for creative sites, while Webs is more structured and simple.



Prezi- Engaging presentation creation tool
Prezi is a great presentation tool, similar to PowerPoint but cloud based and in motion. It allows you to zoom out and show the whole picture, then zoom in to the details.


 pow toon-logo
- Create animated video's and presentations
PowToon is a free online tool that allows you to create cartoon like animated video's and presentations to promote, explain or otherwise market your product or service.


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