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Resume Template
s  - Easiest way to build a professional resume
The easiest way to build a professional resume is with a template. All you need to do is plug in your details and viola! resume is ready. There are two basic kinds of resumes : chronological [best for those who wish to highlight relevant work experience] and functional [best for those who wish to highlight skills or are lacking relevant work experience]



Resume Words-iconResume Words - Put your best face forward
When writing a resume you want to show competence, capability and accomplishment. The best way to put this across is to use action words in your skills or experience descriptions. This link is a great list of 100 action words for you to choose from.



cvmkr-iconResume Creator – put your information in and out comes a professional resume
Great online tool where you input your personal and professional details, and the site create you a professional standard resume in your choice of format, and even hosts it for you!


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